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Decorative Concrete Products

special concrete by VAC banner

Decorative Concrete Products

VAC V-Crete Floor Hardener

V-CRETE Color Hardener

Ready-to-use surface hardener for coloring and hardening freshly poured concrete; typically used to provide the base color for stamped concrete.

Our color hardeners are manufactured with best quality imported uv-resistant pigments, thus resulting in consistent and brilliant colors while standing up to abrasion, weather, and normal wear. Perfect for stamped concrete and trowel finishes.

V-CRETE Color Release

Specially formulated dry-shake material applied directly on top of the concrete surface treated with V-CRETE Color Hardener prior to stamping.

Adds depth and dimensions to stamped concrete while preventing pull-up and reducing wear on texturing tools. V-CRETE release serves as a bond breaker and keep stamps from sticking to the surface of the concrete. At the same time, it adds antiquing and highlighting for more realistic, attractive stamped hardscapes.

V-crete Color Release VAC Buildcare Admixture
V-Seal DC 118

V- Seal DC 118

Penetrating methacrylic sealer for surface sealing of concrete.

Imparts a durable, glossy, wet look on concrete surface. These solvent-based sealers are manufactured from premium, super-tough, non-yellowing acrylics. Protects exterior decorative concrete and enhances color. Can be roller or spray applied.


Crystalline technology based durability enhancing integral additive for concrete.

Reduces water permeability, chloride ion penetration & migration and water absorption in concrete drastically. Reduces shrinkage cracks and self-seals cracks up to 500 microns through progressive crystal formations thus imparting long term solution against water and toxic ingress through rcc matrix.

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