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Waterproofing Products

Aquashield Crystalcoat - Key Features, Application, Safety Precaution, Shelf Life & Storage

Aquashield CrystalCoat:

Single component crystalline based cementitious waterproof coating

Waterproofing treatment for RCC structures; to be mixed with water at predetermined ratio and applied as a brush coat on surface. It is a chemically active coating which penetrates deep into the capillaries of the concrete & protects it against the permeability of water.

Aquashield Ultracoat 6205:

Water-based compound based on styrene-butadiene co-polymer

Black pigmented compound, designed to be used as a liquid applied membrane. The product has a bluish-black color which turns into a black membrane on drying through air curing.

AquaShield Ultracoat 6205 Key features, application, safety precautions, Shelf life & Storage
Concreteshield WB 7205 Key features, application, safety precautions, Shelf life & Storage


Anti-carbonation & waterproof exterior coating for RCC & masonry substrate

Water-based compound based on specialty polymers. White compound for liquid applications; can be pigmented to the choice of shade using any water based tint of reputed manufacturers. The dried film has excellent water repellence properties and CO2 diffusion resistance properties.


High-build Anti-carbonation & waterproof top-coat for RCC

Water-based white pigmented compound based on specialty polymers designed to use as liquid applied water proofing membrane for RCC roofs. Can be used as anti-carbonation coating for any exposed RCC surface.

AquaShield Ultracoat (A) 8205 Key features, application, safety precautions, Shelf life & Storage